"No need to run our races in Lederhosen"

               Upcoming races

Naked Bavarian 3/6


Rumspringa 13.1 4/16


Dirty German 5/15


1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 6/4


Boulder Field 100/50 9/17


HCM, helping families affected by cancer

Uberendurancesports  ---  a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef

--------------------------------Boulder Field 100 & 50 ---------------------


I'm very excited to announce that we will be hosting the Bould Field 100K and 50K at beautiful Hickory Run State Park. Registration for this exciting event should open in February. Stay tuned for more.

--------------------------------Sloppy Cuckoo ---------------------


After 6 years we have decided to discontinue the Sloppy Cuckoo Trail Race at Pennypack Park in order to make room in the schedule for our new race , the Boulder Field 100k and 50K. It was not an easy decision. The Sloppy Cuckoo was somewhat redundant, since we were using many of the same trails the Dirty German was using. Over the years the Sloppy Cuckoo has helped raise funds for the friends of Pennypack Park and gave runner new to the world of trail running an excellent opportunity to run a beginner friendly race. I would like to thank everybody who participated in the past and maybe one day it will come back again.

--------------------------------Naked Bavarian 20M, 26.2M, 40M---------------------


This new race is based on the idea that many trail runners like to race more often, especially if the fees would be lower, so we created this back to the basics race that gives you no swag to save money and focuses on a good course and good aidstations. By doing this we are able to create a race with entry fees at $40 and below.

--------------------------------Rumspringa 13.1-----------------------------


Registration for the Rumspringa 1/2 is going well. At this rate this race will easily double the field. $55 entry fee, great finish line food and free beer usually spurs quite some interest :-)

--------------------------------Dirty German News-----------------------------


The race is filling up at a fast rate. Over 300 runners expected for the inaugural Dirty German. Trailrunning seems to get more and more popular, why wouldn't it, it's fun.

--------------------------------Mount Cuckoo News-----------------------------


Application for Mount Cuckoo 15k on August 20th is now posted. Online registration should open shortly. This is quite an unusual race (well, whom am I kidding, a;; our races are unusual). 1/2 Road 1/2 trailrace with 2 teams (you pick if you are a road runner or trail runner).

--------------------------------1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut News-----------------------------


We received an unusual high number of registrations from runners residing in Florida. Hmmmm. Do they thing they have an edge, because they are used to higher temps?

Once again, if we get more then 400 female runners, we will have female cut tech shirts (last years small was tiny, consider a medium if in doubt)

Agegroup awards are done (For the 1/2 Sauer and the Dirty German), picture posted under races.

------------------------------Dirty German Endurance Fest-------------------------------


Registration for the Dirty German Endurance Fest is doing very well. We are closing in on 200 runners, and estimate about 350 runners on race day. The agegroup awards came in from Germany. Very cool looking weatherhouses. I will post pics soon. Once again, the course is pretty easy by trail/ultra standards, however May 22nd might be on the warmer side, that is going to be part of the challenge.  See you in a couple of weeks.

Happy trails


--------------------------------1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut News-----------------------------


!!! Update !!! We received the pre-permit. We have opened registration for the 2nd annual 1/2 Sauer 1/2  Kraut. This race is one of the prettiest urban (half)marathons, the entire course is off public roads in a geourgeous park. Post race party at german club. 1st beer and bratwurst platter is on us. 


We are currently working with Fairmont Parks to optain a permit for the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut. We are planning to utilize the traffic free paved bike path along the Pennypack creek. If we get the permit within the next 2 weeks, we are planning on having the race on 6/26. I appreciate your patience.  

------------------------------Dirty German Endurance Fest-------------------------------


Registration for the Dirty German Endurance Fest opened. This race offers a 25k, 50K and 50 mile option.  Utras fill up fast these days, don't prograstionate :-)

------------------------------Oktober Lauf Fest-------------------------------------------


Couldn't ask for better weather. Sunny, nice crisp air made a great race for our 180 runners.

------------------------------Sloppy Cuckoo News-----------------------------------


Use Coupon #: Sloppy    to get $5 off and no-fee active.com registration (expires 9/23)

Day of race registration available. $50 while shirts last, $40 after

I highly recommend registering online to secure a shirt, supplies are limited.


The logo for the Sloppy cuckoo is done. I gotta say, the design is rather cuckoo :-)

(click on Races  --> Sloppy cuckoo to check it out)


Registration for the Sloppy cuckoo is now open.

--------------------------------1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut News-----------------------------


Check out the article in the Reading Eagle about the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut. We at uberendurancesports thank all the runners for their support. We see you in 2011, hopefully with lower temps.


The entire race is now sold out. Thank you to all the runners for participating. Now let's hope for good conditions on race day. Keep on running.


The half is now sold out. There are only 50 spotsleft in the marathon. Mail in registration is now closed. Online registration remains open until race fills up. 


It's official. Our marathon is a Boston qualifyer.  I do not know, why I gave in to dozends of emails from runners urging me do get the course certified.  Who in their right state of mind, would like to run that fast , what basically is the beginning of summer.  The course is quite fast, so you do have a shot, unless of course it get's too warm. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Important Update

We are getting close to filling up. Therefore mail registration will close in 7 days. Have your mail in app post marked by May 10th. Online registration remains open till we completely fill up.

We have placed the order for the age group awards. These unique awards come from the Black Forest of  Germany.  They are german weather houses. They can predict future weather  pretty much as reliable as "Glen Hurrican Schwarz" . Here is how they work:              There is a gut string inside which reacts to all changes in air humidity. Depending on wether the air is dry or humid, the gut string changes it's position and twists more or less, so that the female turns outside when it is dry (predicting nice weather) and the male, when it is humid. We will go 5 deep for 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and Top 3 60+
weather house
Dana  Casanave is running the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Full marathon as part of her 52 marathons in 52 week challenge to raise money  to support  South African Aids orphans (charity 25:40) To learn more about Dana and to donate to the cause go to www.52beginnings.com.

For 2010  -- special female cut
shirt available

   100% Microfiber Polyester
   3.42 oz/140 GSM
   Syntrel™ Extreme Moisture
   Transport Technology
   Silky Hand Feel
   Side Seams Sewn Forward to reduce chaffing

female shirt
We recently received the entry from Keith Straw, also knows as "pink Tutu".  I hope he is not considering the 1/2 Sauer  as a training run for  a slightly longer and hotter race: The imfamous Badwater 135. 
We  are very pleased to announce, that the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut already filled half the spots within 45 days. So don't prograstinate, sign up today.
We just booked "Uber Hans" Don Bitterlich. Most likely the toughest accordian player  out there. Check out his short bio below:

Donald Bitterlich (born January 5, 1954 in Warminster, Pennsylvania)
is a former professional American football player who played in one NFL season
in 1976 for the Seattle Seahawks. Bitterlich kicked the first field goal
in the expansion Seahawks history, also the first points ever scored by
a Seattle Seahawks player.
I have been bugging the chef for some details about the post race party food.
Here are some of the menu items (this is just a partial list):
- Bratwurst platter with german potato salad and sauerkraut
- German potato pancakes
- German apple strudel
- plenty of pastries
Registration for 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut (Half)marathon is now open