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Uberendurancesports  ---  a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef

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Guten Tag and welcome to www.uberendurancesports.com, a joint venture of a runner and a pastry chef.  We all might not run for the same reasons, but one you hear quite often: "I run , so I can eat a little more". Since my wife is a pastry chef and everyone in my extended family has a food background (our family operated a german restaurant for 42 years), I'll have to run a lot more these days.

I often look forward to the post race party at long distance races, because I feel afterwards I really deserve some extra calories. Often I find myself spending money at a restaurant, because the post race food consisted of half a banana and maybe a bagel.

Our mission is to organize affordable fun races with a german twist. We want the runners to stick around for a while and have a good time, while enjoying some good german food.

Every one of our races will support a different charity. We have been involved in numerous cancer charity events in the past as well as SOS (Share our strength), Chefs fighting childhood hunger in the USA. We would like to use our races to raise awareness and funds to support charities like these.

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